Point Security Mobile

Download the official application of the Point Security Mobile suite! Check the state of your system at all times, from event history to sensor status. If you have a compatible system, you can also control it remotely. You can also ask for assistance from your installer directly from the application without calling or emailing.


If you are an installer you can use the Point Security Mobile application to make remote assistance to your customers! It also has several levels of security to hide from data that is more sensitive to the most basic due to the different access levels of each account.


Customers can:
  • View the status of your equipment
  • View the system history
  • Displays the status of the system's units and sensors
  • Run remotes control of systems
  • Ask for assistance
  • Chat with an on-time operator
  • See the progress of the assistance
  • Receive push notifications

Installers can:
  • Do what customers can do
  • Perform special assistance commands
  • Create new facilities within Point Security Service
  • Manage assistance
  • View the technical details of the plants
  • Locate and geolocalize your colleagues
  • More...

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We have developed a second application for monitoring the Point Security Service server, with which it is possible to monitor the status of the various modules and hardware. In the event of malfunctions or malfunctions the application will warn you through smartphone notifications.

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Download the application!

Try the application by logging in to the "TC" server with "prova" username and password "provaprova".

Online demo

Log in to the server to try the online demo.

Web platform demo