We work with several large companies in the field of security and telecontrol. These companies have provided our protocols to better integrate their anti-intrusion, fire and CCTV systems with our centralizer. Our ever-changing platform and growth is attested to the most important technological solutions available today in the market.


When receiving an event (alarm, failure, fire or other), the PSS control unit processes the data immediately and acts according to the pre-set rules for the control panel. The server sends SMS, email, voice calls and push notifications on smartphones offering immediate response times and an efficient and efficient service.


Thanks to a specific system of geographic maps, it is possible to visualize in real time the position of plant and field technicians, the latter being tracked through the mobile application. One of the most important functions is the signaling of alarm panels and distances calculation (technical center, center-seat and technical-seat).

Where do your data reside?

Our web service is managed internally, and data is not shared in any way with third-party companies. We guarantee maximum security thanks to the high level of encryption and advanced data protection techniques. Our "cloud" therefore gives access to the data of your homes and businesses only to authorized entities!


Our suite offers companies a post-sale product that can provide assistance and prompt service. Developed by the needs of many installers, Point Security Software is born and continues to improve in their industry. Our goal? Keep a connection with your installer even after the installation of a plant is completed.


Remote control

Monitor and control the installations connected to Point Security Service from web and smartphones. It also monitors the PSS server remotely with a second application, so you always have control over your machine status and be instantly alerted in case of a malfunction!


Save money by purchasing a single software for central (or other devices) of different models and brands! In addition, customers can request assistance directly from mobile by application, reducing the number of calls and emails to technical support.

Smart assistance

Optimize service processes by remotely displaying plant status, event history, and detected problems. Organize your work efficiently through geolocation and manage your tickets with our new software.

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